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Conservation is no small matter
Source: China National Bluestar (Group) Co, Ltd. Date: 2013-08-01

                                                                                      Mu Yuqi, 11 years old, Class 2, Beijing Branch No 2

The teacher taught us about conservation by showing us a series of short videos. The videos depicted streets filled with refuse, polluted water streaming into rivers, and forests reduced to deserts. The destruction was caused by ignorance in environment protection. If every one of us acts this way, non-renewable resources will disappear and our earth will be destroyed. 

After reflection, I realized conservation is no small matter. We have to start with the little things around us and behave properly. First of all, we should save water. We should turn off the tap when applying soap and utilize water-saving toilets. Second, we have to save non-renewable resources. We need to turn off natural gas in time and cut back on coal use. In addition, we should save electricity and turn off lights when we go out. We have to do our part to conserve resources. If everyone can save a little, then the whole population can make a huge difference.

Everyone, please listen to the call of nature. It tells us to save water, electricity and resources. We must protect our beautiful and unique earth so it can live a longer life for the benefit of humanity!

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