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Conservation makes the earth more beautiful
Source: China National Bluestar (Group) Co, Ltd. Date: 2013-08-01

                                                                                                             Lu Qian, Class 2, Beijing Branch No 2

With modernization and the development of mankind, “conservation” is gradually slipping out of peoples lives. People sleep with the lights and TV on and often forget to turn off the tap after using water.

During the “take actions to conserve resources” activity in the morning, the teacher showed us a video where humans made lavish use of resources, leaving rivers dried out, turning once beautiful forests into deserts, and transforming old trees into piles of waste paper. It made us realize what horrible results waste can bring. The teachers also held a conservation knowledge contest to increase our understanding. They also helped us take advantage of our imagination by making storage box and pen containers out of waste cardboard. When we saw how waste could be turned into gold, we were all surprised and reflective.

The activities drove home the importance of conservation, and we realized that we have to start from the small things. We must take action to conserve resources in order to bring the brilliance back to our homes.

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